CASIO ??,Five Chongyang master display their real fire, five true fire, the influx of fire into the sky, burning Xuexue knife to drink. These flames carry dark power, like the fire of hell, burning. Everyone thought that the blood knife was Ziyang really suppressed the fire, but it is not thought of the figure at the moment Xu Feng is washed out from the flames, his hands holding a Xuejian knife, like a flame God ?? these five people, Hand to kill it! Xu Feng from the flames seemingly careless walking, but it is like a phantom in general, less than under control, a master was killed by him to the ground.
??,Xu Feng right hand a push, blood knife directly out of blood-sucking. This Xu Feng, what is holy? Such a short period of time, kill half a mercenary group, if this thing to say out, I am afraid to become legendary Xiuwu sector! This Xu Feng if I was the right way people are good, but he so arrogant murder, murder too heavy, I 'm afraid that is the evil family of men, this way, hey! When Stuart cut his nine knives, has to fainted, his mouth was not really cut off, but also openings, but to say a word lisp, but probably the meaning is still able to listen to understand, Please spare me a life!
ray ban,Xu Feng said lightly, his hands turned into a breath, into the body of Stuart grams, making Stuart have the ability to walk. Xu Feng kicked Szeto kick, do not want to hear him say a word. The floor is full of Xuejian absorbed clean mummy, six martial art of the many experts do not know what to say at this moment. At the moment sounded footsteps around, these people Xu Feng Daoshi already know who it is that evil among the bat fighters. That the King of Ghosts are also driven over, he also has a pair of meat behind the wings, he claped his hands to, Jiang Yang soon as shouted, you are a good He, even dare to look back!