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    nike 2016 ROkjr W3D2 86wd

    Nike T?,This matter, you do not give brother and sister say, and, father and mother are waiting for you, you tell them to tell them individually. Tomorrow, I'll take you to the capital. Little green jade eyes to take light, big brother, tomorrow is not sitting on your beautiful bird Eagle to the capital you? Qinglin laughed: You say? Less green jade and little green Phoenix happy jumped up. The next day early in the morning, smell ~ Hui came. Qinglin asked, and really smell ~ Hui told him that there is less talent and less green jade two young people.
    nike,That a decision of the Qinglin, the smell is very pleased ~ Hui. Qinglin's younger brother and sister if they can also join the shocking school, then Qinglin and shaking the link between the more closely, and Qinglin the Taishi Shuzu after what a good thing, of course, will first think of shocking faction, which In terms of the shaking camp is definitely a good thing. Wen Yihui decided to accompany the Qinglin brothers and sisters together to the capital, until after the capital, he must pass the power and elders Jinrui, Fan Fa Yu elders to teach a good talk, so they must take the little green jade, Shaoqing Fung brothers and sisters selected to recruit new disciples among the martial art, and so they entered the shaking day after school, but also to focus on the less green jade, two people who spend less Qingfeng big effort to cultivate.
    Nike free 5.0,Smile ~ Oh laugh, then I respectful than from the life. Carrying six people, the speed of the ling beans eagle is still maneuvering speed, and the sword spent almost the same time, a pedestrian arrived in the capital, rented a spacious carriage, and soon, everyone arrived in the capital resident. Less green jade and less Qingfeng lying on the window, staring at the bustling streets of the capital, from time to time issued screams. The capital of the station these days is necessary to straighten out this year's election of the new General Assembly, the above set a tone, that is, we must be big, to shrouded in the shaking sent hundreds of years of bad luck, with this time The election of the new General Assembly swept away.

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