reebok???,Put aside like, I only dredge, do not want to show off in front of people, should not be used on the. Han Rui smiled, is simply a kind, so against the enthusiasm of the crowd. Maidservant stunned, do not know is to admire his frankly, or despise his ignorance, but also to listen to the act, the case on the side of the table, but step back down. At the end of the seats, concerned about the people who are not many, and now, everyone in addition to poem chapter, has no heart outside things, even if noted that this thing, but also do not see installed, too lazy to ignore.
reebok ??,Someone asked, everyone quickly listen. Several old man quietly discussed the next, one said with a smile: There is no limit, unrestrained, with your own play. Everyone heard, suddenly relieved, chapter Fortunately, poetry and the like, is to limit the fear of the problem is not conducive to play their own level of real, but more choices, and some people instead of indecisive up. Ranging from Han Rui response, to see the immediate situation, the young shocked, surprised: Xiongtai, how do you... do not intend to poetry?
reebok ??,Young silent, this is clearly an excuse, looked at the eyes gathered in the room, without the slightest confidence, could not help but gently sigh, but still quietly persuaded: Xiongtai, even if they can not compete, but can not give up on themselves, was up To a few gentlemen, at least to leave a few impression. Hanrui thought, feel that nothing to write, indeed some maverick means, but more cause for concern, so good as a stream, remove the dish glass, faint desk case, Fang Fang four treasures, pumping a pen, Free to play together.