reebok???,Bad, it will not be the long injury, think of here, the hammer head cold sweat, gripped. Do not worry, is a good thing. Elderly old smiling family said: big hammer, yes, there is a good boy, the successor was. In the other person's gap, the old family has been asking the old clear that the origin of the invention of the plow plow, the mood is very comfortable, for Han Rui, is to see the high chips, that year, the decision was really right. Hammer surprised: What a good thing....... Family old, looking for me, what things ah.
reebok ??,Things are related with the long, how can not. Elderly old smile, looked around and said: people are homogeneous, and you say something....... Shortly after listening to the old description of the old family, people have to plow around in front of Qu Yuan, carefully looked at the touch, eyes full of alarmed color. Family old, this strange plow, really so useful? Really, I saw it. Qishu used to listen to how he said. A burst of chaos, the crowd's eyes are concentrated in Han seven body, after all, personally operated, of course, the most say, Moreover, between him and Han Rui......, do not worry he will lie.
reebok ??,Ah, even Ah Q have said that, that is for sure. In fact, want to know true and false is also simple, will be used to be clear. It is. Everyone has a different argument, the old family of the old opening: Do not quarrel, listen to me. The ancestral hall suddenly quiet down, just listen to the old family old said: With this weapon, to plow the fields to facilitate it is a trivial matter, in the past, because of our lack of manpower, even their own fields are plow finish, and now is different, Think about it, if you can save some time, to plow all the land, plug in the seedlings, the harvest time.......